Fruitvale Station - A film

Other | Wednesday 17th December 2014 | Osh

If anything good can come of the current state of tension raised by the acquittal of the policeman who killed Eric Garner and the public outcry at the shooting of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Tamir Rice (The list goes on) is that the world seems more awake.

No longer can misinformed, uninterested and super positive people say the world isn't racist. No longer should we hear "things are better now" everyone knows racism is alive and well and prevalent in institutions such as the police force and judicial systems around the world but most black people know that this is nothing new. 

There have been travesties of justice consistently since native Americans and original Australians were robbed of their lands and were victims of genocide. 

Fruitvale Station is a poignant reminder of one such episode. The film covers the final 24 hours in the life of a young 22-year-old Oscar Grant, a man trying to get his life back on track. Apart from smoking a bit of weed, Oscar was inherently a good guy trying his best to bring up his daughter in California. 

After a ride home on the subway after NYE celebrations, shortly after being called "a bitch ass nigger" by a policeman, Oscar ends up handcuffed on a subway platform face down. He is then shot in the back. 

This is an award winning docudrama that needs to be seen for you to believe this actually happened. 

For those that care about human life it's hard to watch. For those already wary of the police and the racist power that exists today in both America and the UK, a stern reminder that in this time of protest, it's no time to be quiet. 

Never again - goes the protest, never again. Or should that be again and again... 

For The Guardian review see here If you can't wait... just go and watch it!