I mean - who doesn't want to be David Bowie? However...

Other | Thursday 19th September 2013 | Poppy


Opening with the first few lines of Paradise Lost, this album seems so ambitious that it seems to enter your brain dressed in a three-piece suit, taps its foot and says “Ta da!” On a more serious note, my only problem is that the guy’s voice is exactly like David Bowie’s. If you think I am joking, try listening to "Shine, Shine, Shine".  Or "Sin". Or any of them, really. While the opening few tracks are genuinely impressive - "Awake, Arise" and "I Will Never See My Home" being the highlights - you cannot help but notice the shift from interesting, to less interesting, to annoying late-single gambits. If there was a sub-par Bowie album (I do not know as I never listened to Reality out of pure fear), produced by The National, then it would sound a bit like this.

Poppy Walker