A week on from Kendrick's 'Control'

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 19th August 2013 | Daniel


Seven days removed from Kendrick's watershed moment in hip hop, we have a look at some of the responses...

A week on, I’m sure that anyone who pays even the slightest attention to the world of contemporary music has heard Kendrick Lamar’s now infamous ‘control’ verse; in which the Compton rapper sought to challenge his peers to bring the competitive elements back to the rap game and keep up with the trail blazer.  

Those that have responded to being personally mentioned Lamar’s name dropping (Meek Mill and Pusha T), have done so with approval; both welcoming the challenge to raise the bar and refusing to find even a hint of antagonism in the verse.

As predicted, it’s those whose names weren’t mentioned that have tended to take offense; feeling a need to assert their relevance with response tracks. Well, whether you agreed with the grand braggadocio claims of Kendrick or not, it would be futile to even attempt to deny that the verse has already started to eradicate the complacency in the rap game: Here are some of the responses made to K dot’s verse in the 7 days…  








Joell Oritz:



Lupe Fiasco


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