Indie Track Of The Day From Sky Larkin

Indie | Thursday 1st August 2013 | Cameron

Sky Larkin - Loom

In anticipation of their upcoming third album, Leeds-based indie act Sky Larkin’s new single 'Loom' is an energetic, soulful track with indie-of-old at its animated heart.

Constructed as a juxtaposition between lead singer Katie Harkin's recent loss and not wanting to sound too mellow and dull, 'Loom' inhabits both concepts wonderfully, presenting painful, looming lyrics behind a melodic indie jam that is full of colour and spirit. At only 2 ¼ minutes, 'Loom' is a concise and incredibly exciting snapshot of what fans can expect to hear on the band's forthcoming album Motto, due for release on 16th September.

Loom will be released a week earlier on the 9th.

Check out the single below!

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