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House | Friday 26th July 2013 | Keshav

Interview with KC Lights

It’s likely that you haven’t heard of KC Lights. Kerr Slaven is Scottish producer that draws influence from the likes of Justice and Madeon. His first major EP was described as ‘Justice produced by The Bloody Beetroots’ in a review by DJ Mag. Not Bad. Guided by label boss and electronic music supremo Herve this young producer is likely to explode in the next few years. Easy and laidback yet focused and determined KC lights is certainly ready to hit the big time .

Alright Kerr how’s going? Enjoying this whole heatwave?

Alright, I'm great cheers, and yes loving the sunshine! It makes a nice change.

Anyway man, can you tell people a little bit about yourself?

I'd say I'm a regular 22 year old, except instead of spending most of my time watching TV or going to the pub I make music. I have a performance diploma on saxophone as well as a Bachelor of music (honours) degree.

Your fellow Scot Hudson Mohawke is absolutely killing it right now with his work on Yeezus! Who would you like to collaborate with should you get the chance?

I agree,I think he is a quality producer! Well there's a long list for this one, but I'll name a few at the top. First of all I'd say Breakbot, he produces such feel-good funky music. Secondly would be Hans Zimmer, not to write dance music obviously, but just to get in a studio with him and see how he works. Dillon Francis is another I'd love the opportunity to work with, I'm a big fan of his music and also I love how he sees the lighter side of everything in this industry, would be great fun writing a track with him I think.

You say one of your influences is wonder kid Madeon, what is it about his music do you think that makes him so popular?

"I think he is so popular because his music captures the perfect blend of catchy pop melodies and chord progressions with the energy and emotion of today's modern dance music. I'm a big fan because of his attitude towards what he does, it’s evident he works extremely hard and puts everything in to his music, I feel a lot of the top producers may have become a little too complacent with their music, so hearing someone like Madeon, at his age especially,  putting so much effort into his tracks is refreshing!"

How did you get started in music?

Music has been a part of my life since I was about six years old when I first picked up a saxophone, since then its always what I've wanted to do, whether it was performing or writing music.

Tell us a bit about your EP?

"Sweet Step EP" is four tracks that I've worked really hard on! I had about eight potential projects for the EP but these four capture everything I was going for perfectly. There should be a bit of something for everyone in there

You got a really good review from DJ Mag , one of the top pioneers of electronic music how did that feel?

Yeah I was pleasantly surprised to find out they had reviewed the EP! To be compared next to 'Random Access Memories' and described as "Justice produced by The Bloody Beetroots" is pretty amazing!

T in the Park , Scotlands finest festival ( I personally prefer rockness as an electronic music fan) ! Enjoy this year’s festival? Would you like to play there one day?

I love T in the Park! Sadly I never made it this year, but it looked incredible as always. I’ve never been to Rockness. Playing there would be a dream come true!

You Signed with ‘Herve’ a massive electronic producer how did that feel?

It was great getting in contact with Herve! He is obviously such a prominent figure in the electronic dance music world, so to have someone like that push your music into the scene is amazing, he has done loads for me so far!

How old were you when you first got into electronic music?

I was only about 17 when I first started listening to electronic music. I went on holiday with my mates to Ibiza and was blown away by the energy of it all, so obviously I've been a big fan ever since.

Where have you played so far, any more touring plans?

Just now I'm still just concentrating on the producing side of things; I'm wanting to get a good

collection of music out there and hopefully build up a following, fingers crossed it won’t be too long before I'm playing out though!

What are you listening to at the moment?

Today I've had on "Safe With You" by Alex Metric and Jacques Lu Cont at least 3 times, such a great summer tune. Justice's "Cross" album is definitely top of my most listened tracks though, the first electronic album I ever bought and is just doesn't get old!

If people wanted to check your music out where should they head?

Best to head over to my soundcloud page (, there isn't much on there just now, but I'll be uploading the EP on there as well as any forthcoming releases.

Excited for the coming months/ next year, any more music planned?

Definitely excited! I've had such an amazing response from my EP so far so can't wait until the release of that, I'm constantly working on new stuff so looking forward to having more releases scheduled as well as a couple of remixes. So if you're a fan of the EP when it's released keep your ears open because there is lots more where that comes from!

Thanks for your time mate enjoy the sun while it lasts haha! 

Cheers! Thanks for having me

KC Lights newest single happiness is available to download now for free from soundcloud! Go get it!

Keshav Kapoor