System 7's Steve Hillage chooses 10 iconic System 7 tracks ahead of their one-off Live 'Cafe Seven' show

House | Friday 5th October 2018 | Nicky

System 7 are arguably one of the UK’s foremost Live techno bands, uniquely featuring the electric guitar (with the sound often heavily processed) and are hailed for their impressive earth-moving Festival sets, and work with some of electronic music’s true innovators including The Orb (‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ and ‘Blue Room’ and Richie Hawtin who remixed their incredible ‘Alpha Wave’ classic. 

They’ve collaborated with electronic music legends such as A Guy Called Gerald, Derrick May, Laurent Garnier and Jam El Mar, and have released a string of singles with classic remixes including Dubfire’s ‘Spacebird’ and Carl Craig’s ‘Positive Noise’.

System 7 play a one-off  Live show for their ‘Cafe Seven’ album on Saturday, October 13t at Chelsea’s Under The Bridge venue, and are supporting The Orb’s 30th Anniversary UK tour this October having played the inaugural Orbfest at The Roundhouse in June. Here S7's Steve Hillage chooses 10 iconic moments from their musical catalogue now spanning over 25 years.

10 iconic System 7 Tracks chosen by Steve Hillag

1. ‘Sunburst’ The Flutter Mix

The first System 7 release and the first track we made with Alex Paterson, with whom we are supporting on The Orb’s 30th Anniversary UK Tour this month.

2. ‘AlphaWave’ Plastikman Acid House Mix

The massive remix made by Richie Hawtin that still rocks the crowds. Probably our biggest ever dance floor track. The full mix is 19 minutes long!

3. ‘Hinotori’ (System 7 Version)

Our biggest track in Japan and the lead track of our album ‘Phoenix’. Re-released on our new Phoenix Beats digital LP, with other dance-orientated tracks from our Phoenix Rising collaboration with Japanese band Rovo. Both this track and the recent Rovo version have amazing Japanese animation videos!

4. ‘Space Bird’ (Dubfire Deep Space Remix)

A great collaboration between System 7 and Jam El Mar (of Jam and Spoon) with a top remix by Dubfire that was No.1 on Beatport’s main chart for two weeks. Also to be re-released on Phoenix Beats.

5. ‘PositiveNoise’ featuring Carl Craig Remix

Another great collaboration – this one’s with A Guy Called Gerald and produced in Berlin. There are a number of different mixes of this track, all of them good with a fantastic one by Carl Craig.

6. ‘Manik Shamanik’

The lead track from our ‘Seventh Wave’ album that really crystalized the System 7 techno-trance sound.

7. ‘Habibi’

Another important track from the very first System 7 album, blending lush ambient house with an emotive Arabic vocal sample. An element of this track has been reworked on the track ‘Love for the Phoenix’ on the ‘Phoenix Rising’ album with Rovo.

8. ‘Coltrane’

A track from our Fire album that honours the great jazz musician John Coltrane and packs a heavy techno punch with a bit of influence from Jeff Mills.

9. ‘Big Sky City’

One of a number of very special collaboration tracks we made with Derrick May with the original version on our album ‘Power of Seven’. It reappeared with two different mixes on our ‘Mysterious Traveller’ collection.

10. ‘Song for the Phoenix’

A bit of a chill out classic that we can play in both System 7 and Mirror System sets. Elements of this track first appeared on the track ‘Y2K’ on our album ‘Golden Section’, but the main version is on the ‘Phoenix’ album.

System 7 & Mirror System play a one-off ‘Café Seven’ Live show on Saturday, October 13th at Under The Bridge, Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, SW6 1HS. Joined by radiOzora/Rebel HiFi DJ Josko and Calemma, all info at

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