Found might need to find themselves again after this years edition

House | Tuesday 14th June 2016 |

Teaming up with with a host of reputable promoters, Found hosted the Main stage in association with I-D Mix bringing along Kerri Chandler, Derrick May, Syed Soundorom for the party.

We managed to miss Midland's set but have to say that the unmistakeable euphoric & uplifting set from Keri Chandler more than made up for it. The Kaoz Theroy Recordings boss kept the Found revellers strutting vivaciously in usual British summertime weather (rain, sunshine, then more rain), even adding some backing vocals to some of the classics he was dropping for that added “Chandler" atmosphere.

Earlier in the evening we managed to catch one of the few UK appearances from Derrick May. May is an absolute legend and is regarded as one of the leading forefathers of the early Detroit sound. Suffice to say, he didn’t disappoint even though we do feel that some of the set was easily lost with some of the “younger” techno train-spotting types who where scattered amongst the crowd. Inbetween the main stage action we got a chance to walk around and check out some of the other stages which seemed to have a better vibe but was also affected by the sound restrictions that were imposed on the day. 

Security was a little tight this year, the stringent searches didn’t seem to go down too well with some of the punters, who were clearly vocal about the whole situation. But understandably, their has to be a certain level checks to ensure safety for the rest of us given the current woes of our times. But saying that, it does not help when you have packs of security roaming around resembling aggressive Pitt Bulls. What an absolute vibe killer.

Speaking with some of the other punters we met, most seemed to share our views on this.But some were not too bothered as they were lucky enough to get free or discounted tickets through various methods that event organisers and promoters tend to use to give away unsold tickets.

Image - Marc Sethi

As with some festivals we have visited recently, there seems to be a distinct lack of planning when it came to drinks. You couldn’t get access to any free Government juice (water) anywhere. In fact you had no option but to que and buy tokens, and then que even longer to get a drink. Not sure when festival organisers are going to learn that this essential need to quench thirst has to be a much shorter process. It adversersely effects the overall experience. I mean, who wants to wait in line for best part of an hour just to have a drink? Errrr hello!? 

As the years go by, and the festival market gets even more saturated, having to be original and fresh year on year seems to be the main ingredient to the success of any longstanding festival nowadays. Found pulled it out of the bag for a second year running, but just about. The impeccable line up was impressive - but there is much room for improvement when it comes to the planning & logistics of the event. And not to sound like a moaning aunty, having an event that closes dead on 9pm left a slightly sour taste in our mouth and nearly dampened the whole experience if it wasn't for Kerri.  But luckily for us we had the antidote. The Found afterparty down the road at Brixton Electric, result!

Keri Chandler paying tribute to Prince in his set.
Impeccable line ups over all stages.
Theo Parrish B2B Marcellus Pittman.

Queueing for Token, Drinks, and Toilets for ages.
Gangster style security (very intimidating).
Unbelievably low sound levels, resulting in a lack of vibes.

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