An Alternative Path to Healing

Other | Wednesday 31st October 2018 | Osh

There is a mental health crisis in London's black community that no one seems willing to discuss much less solve.

Rashid Nix, who has worked as a volunteer in mental health became "tired of people being medicated and that's it" To address this issue and more an event has been organised - Alternative Paths To Healing the Community. This event launches in Brixton this Friday.   

To close  Black History Month 2018, this two part event explores alternative paths to healing the community; paths that don't include increasing medication prescribed to an already suffering community.

This event sees the dynamic husband and wife team of Dr Christine and Cornelius Browne hosting a special session of their powerful MIND GYM practical workshop.

While Rashid Nix, Mind trustee and political spokesperson, will be presenting his ground breaking BLACK HISTORY AS A THERAPEUTIC PRACTICE lecture, which is a 5,000 year self discovery journey. Rashid will present a crash course in treatment that will make you feel better! 

"We spend zero time on topics like slavery and racsim and spend our time on black history that people need to know about and that will also make you feel good!"

People with a low self esteem can offend find themselves with mental health problems and Rashid uses history to heal. 

The event covers the 360 of health for the mind, body and soul. This is about building up a mental and ohysical resistance to the things that trials and tribulations life brings along. 

Michael Jacques of Tai Chi UK will be doing a demonstration of this very effective healing martial art. And Olga Mathews, former headteacher and consultant, will be sharing her thoughts on black mental health.

Let BHM be a month of personal and community healing, starting now. 

The event is completely free (You are welcome to make a donation of course) and is taking place on 2nd November at Mosaic Clubhouse. Secure your place here