Head Above The Clouds Is Back With it's Charity Day Festival

Indie | Tuesday 29th August 2017 | Alice

Head Above The Clouds is back, bigger and better.

Head Above The Clouds returns with its first charity Day Festival following the success of Mind Your Head. Over the past year Mind Your Head has evolved into a full blown brand!

Head Above The Clouds aims to run events throughout the year with a focus surrounding supporting mental health charities, increasing awareness and to remove the stigma many sufferers face.

The idea is, what better is there than using the joy of music to create a society that wants to talk about mental health, to create a safe and common ground for everyone where they can enjoy themselves.

From experience, I know Mind has given so much to mine and those closest to me, recoveries. It is time to give something back in the hope that others suffering can find comfort and solace.

This year the festival held at The Camden Assembly on the 16th September comprises of 9 bands, with headliners Wild Front having gone from strength to strength, playing Glastonbury and Isle Of Wight Festival.

With support from Radio 1 regularly and Peter Crouch naming Wild Front's infectious single 'Rico' as his pick on Radio X, it's no surprise the boys have been moving onto bigger things at one hell of a pace.

The day opens with competition winners Lacuna Bloome before Winnie and The Rockettes, Wooze, Rosko, Sam Craighan, Sisteray, Crimsons and Kashmere join the line-up.

With the success of Mind Your Head and Spindle Magazine commenting "Mind Your Head is a fantastic way to celebrate the charity, to support them in helping others, as well as to break down the taboo around mental health and broaden the discussion around it, all while enjoying great live music" it's a no brainer that Head Above The Clouds has upped the anti.

Tickets are available currently £6 for early birds & £8 after. You can follow all updates through Head Above The Clouds Facebook or use the Head Above The Clouds app.