Mind State launches Getahead Records

Drum and Bass | Friday 29th June 2018 | Arren

Huge names including Chase & Status, Sub Focus & Spor club together for the debut compilation, Mind State.

A long list of drum & bass’ biggest and best have contributed some sick material for the brand new mental and physical wellness festival, Getahead. They’ve come up with this new compilation that’s packed with killer tunes. The concept comes from Pendulum member, Ben Verse who ran the Getahead Festival earlier this June to raise awareness for the mental wellbeing for people working in the music industry.

Launching a new album series Mind State Vol. 1 deliveres a full spectrum snapshot of drum & bass right now. All styles of the genre get maximum representation for an album donating all proceeds to Music Minds Matter. Spor & Lingusitics get murky in ‘Pull The Sun Down’, Killbox turn up the energy levels of The Prodigy’s ‘Invaders Must Die’. Artificial Intelligence calm it down with that slick roller and dBridge & Skeptical lay down a heavy junglist bass shaker with ‘That’s Nice’.

We could go on explaining all the tracks as this is seriously all killer, though we suggest you just go cop yourself a now and hear it yourself!

Getahead's Mind State is out now, hear previews for some of the tracks below or get your copy here.