Murphykid captures the true meaning of folk in his new album, Skeletons

Monday 24th September 2018 | Grace

After breaking up with his girlfriend, folk singer-songwriter Al Murphy, A.K.A Murphykid, did what all good musicians do, and turned his heartbreak into something creative in the form of a song. A whole album in fact! And thus was born what he has dubbed a “Miserabilist folk masterpiece”.

And it’s true, his debut album, Skeletons, is a collection of what every modern folk album should strive to have: deep, yet un-pretentious lyrics that reflect on something meaningful, the sound of an acoustic guitar that is powerful enough as to not be over-powering, yet gentle enough to express emotion, and of course, a beautiful and tender voice that tells a story we all want to hear.

However, what makes this album stand out is that Murphykid actually wrote it back in 2004 (straight after the previously mentioned break up) in a shed in his sister’s garden and recorded it on a second-hand reel-to-reel he bought off eBay. 12 years later, Murphy received a random phone call saying that his demo had been picked up on and still sounded as it good as it did all those years before. And just like that, Al Murphy’s wonderful folk career kicked off.

To add further to Murphykid’s creative repertoire is the fact that he made his own music video for the single Wolf, an illustrated amusing yet sad tale of a creature, his very happy friend and their journey through the forest together.

For anyone who is a fan of Bon Iver, Iron & Wine, or in fact anything folky, Murphykid has got to be one to check out and enjoy. Even if you haven’t even gone through a break-up yourself. His album Skeletons comes out 12th October and you can find out more on his Twitter and Facebook.