Soundcrash bring Wu-Tang's Gza to Kentish Town

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 21st August 2018 | Phil

Very few rappers have been part of something more special than the members of The Wu-Tang Clan, with Gza playing a key role in the super group's emergence.

Entering into full view on our side of the Atlantic Ocean in the mid to late 1990s, their 1993 debut album 'Enter The 36 Chambers' heralded a highly original style of rap that combined rugged New York street knowledge with the mysticism of Chinese Martial Arts movies, also referencing their home of Staten Island which they affectionately call 'Shaolin'.

Propelling all of the Clan members to instant fame and undoubted credibility, in the years following the release of 'Enter The 36 Chambers', each member of the clan proceeded to dropped solo LPs with their own deals on seperate record labels, a model which has yet to be emulated. 

Although actually his second solo record, Gza's 1995 classic 'Liquid Swords' is often regarded as being amongst the best of the earlier Wu-Tang solo albums and is regularly considered a top ten ever hip hop record by publications and fans alike, even with rap fans this side of the pond. 

With oodles of shaolin soul and gritty depth from Rza's production combining with the murderously smooth flows of Gza, 'Liquid Swords' remains a seamless a listening experience as it was 23 years ago when released, with tracks like '4th Chamber' and 'Shadowboxin' looming large as timeless Wu-Tang crew cuts.  

This Saturday 25th August will be a great chance to hear this legendary Wu-Tang material on a loud system. 

Also performing on the night at o2 Kentish Town Forum alongside other guests will be the Sugarhill Gang featuring Melle Mel & The Furious Five, known broadly for their 1979 global hit 'Rapper's Delight'.

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