Alan Fitzpatrick, Reset Robot and Rhymos welcome Somnium to their label Whistleblower

House | Thursday 9th August 2018 |

Alan Fitzpatrick, Reset Robot and Rhymos as individual artists have each either conquered or established themselves in their chosen sub-genre, falling under the house and techno umbrella.

Even though all of the three above mentioned artists are solo producers and DJ’s, they do collectively head up a label called Whistleblower.

Whistleblower was also the original outlet for Alan Fitzpatrick and Reset Robot’s shared alias Customer, before Mobilee and other labels started to pick up tracks too.

After a short break, Whistleblower has returned with an EP from a new artist calling himself Somnium. Little is known about who is the man behind the alias, as it would appear the label has decided to keep things close to their chest. The only confirmed theory is that it’s not one of the label owners under a new name.

Apart from a press image of Somnium’s face, there is no other information about him either online or in the press release for the EP, but over time we will hopefully discover more about him, as his music speaks volumes in terms of how talented this artist is.

It’s hard to pigeonhole the EP’s opening track 'Young Giants' as it’s got elements that lean towards tech house, but the style of the bassline leans more towards techno. Whatever the genre, the release certainly opens with a bang before the blissful second track 'Seraphim' sweeps in to lift the mood with its euphoric atmosphere.

The last track 'Chiron' is a little bit more fuller in comparison to the distinctive sound of the first two cuts, but only because it doesn’t have a defining hook, instead opting for subtle sophistication with its laid back and cool style.

The release is in stores now and available from HERE