Powerful and melodic, Lauren Ray's new track is a reflection on modern relationships

Indie | Tuesday 31st July 2018 | Grace

Putting a different spin on what it means to be masculine, Lauren Ray’s new single ‘Be A Man’ is a playful, yet serious, song about opening up to your emotions in a romantic relationship. On the track title, she says “It’s often used to mean be strong, powerful, macho, particularly when it comes to relationships” says Lauren, “but in this instance I’m using it to say be vulnerable and say what you’re feeling – something both men and women find hard to do when it comes to taking a risk in lust and love”.  

The track not only encapsulates Lauren’s powerful and beautiful voice alongside a melodic, gentle and upbeat background but also reflects a lot on modern life and the importance of supporting one another around those that you love.

Recently, Lauren has been touring the world with famous popstar’s Anastacia and Rebecca Ferguson and will be coming to London just before the release of her second album, Inside the Silence, which is set to be released 3rd of August and includes the single 'Dull Ache', a powerful song about grief.

To check out more of her great music, head to her website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.