The three dubadub musketeers: Stand High Patrol!

Reggae | Thursday 26th July 2018 | Madeline

Meet, Stand High Patrol the dub soundsystem founded in 2001 in Brittany, France. Originally composed of three members: Rootystep, Mac Gyver and Pupajim, the group began their journey in several bars of Rennes and Brittany in France.


They decided to create a sound system with the aim of sharing their common passion for roots reggae. The collective is influenced by the sound systems of Jamaica but also incorporate hip-hop, new wave, techno and trip hop. 2009 the group has put together its own label: Stand High Records.


Over the years their sound has developed, bringing together all their influences, creating what they call “dubadub”, a blend of dub, dubstep and digital reggae and having made a name for themselves in France, their beginning to make waves in the UK.

Their sound is recognised as a key player in the European dub and bass scenes. When STAND HIGH PATROL run a session, it’s always rough and dynamic! The dubs made by Pupajim are never played twice the same way and, the “three dubadub musketeers” always give you something new.
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