Are you in the wrong job?

Other | Thursday 5th July 2018 | Roberta Micallef

There is an epidemic of students going into the wrong jobs.

People are going into roles that are completely unrelated to their area of study. In the latest episode of BBC Radio 4's 'The Wrong Job', writer and broadcaster Emma Kennedy said that 3/4 of people in the UK believe they are in the wrong job.

The Edge Foundation is actively working to prevent this. As an independent education charity, Edge encourages students to fulfil their potential through a practical, employment-focused approach. The charity believes that work experience should be part of a holistic education.

The Edge Foundation also awards grants of approximately £100,000 to various colleges. The money goes towards the improvement of curriculums, such as incorporating businesses and the latest technologies into the education programme. This gives students a chance to experience work life as well as providing them with experience with new tools and technology.

In 2015 they launched the 'Career Footsteps' programme, that helps schools host professionals to give talks about their personal learning route. The programme brought professionals to the classroom and presented students with many prospective future endeavours that they could pursue. 

Their main aim is to provide students with the necessary career advice and guidance including experience. The Edge Foundation believes that through these techniques, students are better equipped for today's global and digital economy and more likely to get the right job. 

Do you believe that the education system should implement a more practical approach? 

For more information on The Edge Foundation visit here.