Sugar Tax Leaves A Bitter Taste

Other | Monday 21st March 2016 | Tom

The latest budget was marked by Chancellor George Osborne announcing a ‘sugar tax’, aimed at fighting childhood obesity, however, the whole thing has the hallmarks of a publicity stunt.


This latest tax is expected to earn approximately £520m for the country's coffers by raising the price of ‘high sugar’ drinks such as Coca-Cola by approximately 25p a litre.

O.K so this sounds like a good idea, fighting obesity whilst raising money, but why does everything the average person find enjoyable have to be heavily taxed?

This also smells something like a publicity stunt.

Jamie Oliver happened to be passing by parliament on budget day, raising the profile of this apparently ‘great’ tax. He couldn’t have been tipped off that this would happen could he?

Jamie Oliver celebrates George Osborne’s ‘bold’ and ‘brave’ decision

Jamie Oliver has also faced criticism that his own restaurants sell ‘high sugar’ drinks, and some of his recipes contain high amounts of sugar.