George the Poet stopped and searched on no evidence

Monday 2nd July 2018 | Jake

27-year-old spoken word artist George the Poet says police hauled him into a van and conducted a strip search accusing him of having weapons. The Londoner was sat in his car parked outside his parents’ home in Neasden, north London, when police approached him querying about first his car, then whether he had weapons.

Mpanga says the police were repeatedly rude to both his parents and his neighbours, going on to criticize the police for making up “lies about me being aggressive and having weapons.” The Met police meanwhile denied racial profiling, a spokesman saying that “the number plate of the vehicle [that Mpanga was sat in] was checked via the Police National Computer which indicated the vehicle was uninsured.

“The man provided officers with his details and they established that he did in fact have insurance for the vehicle.” Continued the spokesman, proceeding to confirm body worn videos of the search had been analysed by senior officers who decided to investigate no further.

Mpanga posted a video of the search, together with a caption detailing his grief and warning that the incident “should be an education for anyone who doesn’t understand the toxic energies that are quietly spread throughout our community by state actors.”

Watch the video, posted by George the Poet, below.