Desert Mountain Tribe are possibly one of the best psychedelic rock bands you will ever see live

Thursday 31st May 2018 | Grace

Performing to a fully packed audience in London this Wednesday night, Desert Mountain Tribe brought nothing but good times ahead of the release of their second album coming out on 1st June.

Although the lead singer of the band, Jonty Balls, seldom spoke but to say his thanks, the crowd were kept plenty entertained through bassist, Phillip Jahn’s banter and jokes that were made throughout the night whilst drummer, Frank van der Ploeg, kept smiling the whole way through. There was even pause in music to announce the winner of the pressing of their new album, Om Parvath Mystery.

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There is no way this band playing live can ever be described as dull. Desert Mountain Tribe’s long set was by no means lingering as their psychedelic rock kept the very mixed audience entranced throughout. It seems only appropriate that this three-piece should be supported by the likes of other great live alternative rock bands, Dead Leaf and Jennifer this Wednesday night.

Despite the band having finished touring for the summer, their album is being released 1st June 2018 and is well recommended for anyone wanting to listen to something a bit different this year.