London Black Pride 2018

Other | Tuesday 29th May 2018 | Tania

Starting as a minibus trip to the sea, this movement has become one of the biggest activities during the Pride period.

A group of lesbian and transgender black women decided to turn this fun trip into a conscious mega event. Whether Latin American, Asian, Middle Eastern or Caribbean, rest assured to find your match in this bustling movement. White people are welcome too of course! Or even if you feel like venturing into the dancefloor you can, if you just want to party, there is always a place to have fun.


With music, food and drinks, Black Pride is one of the funniest places to party. Not only does it encourage having a laugh, but it also promotes and acknowledges black talent. Creating a network of support to advocate for the spiritual, emotional and intellectual health of the community.

Raising awareness has always been, is always one of the main goals of Black Pride. That’s why they’ve been organising events across and around the UK in support of the BLGBT community, to advocate a positive ethos and attract others who would want to be part of this vision.


It’s Summertime, bring your best vibes and get on down to Black Pride 2018!

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