Is Artificial Intelligence going too far, too quick?

Other | Friday 11th May 2018 | Yasmine

We have all seen movies like Terminator or I Robot where Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking over the world, but we would never have thought that in this day and age AI would be this big, this quick.

So what would happen if machines had a conscience? What if they understand that humans are endangering the planet and decide to eradicate them because that's what could be best for them and the earth. There are a lot of worries and fantasies about this subject because our lives are becoming more and more intertwined with technology.

Artificial intelligence involves implementing a number of techniques to enable machines to imitate a form of real intelligence. AI is implemented in a growing number of applications.

Every day, whether at home, in the office or shopping, new technologies permeate our daily lives when for instance:

- you sort your photos on Facebook,

- translate a foreign author

- wherever you sit in an autonomous car,

- use Alexa

Artificial intelligence aims to understand how human cognition works and then works to reproduce it by using algorithms.

The concept of AI was born in 1950 thanks to mathematician Alan Turing. Since then there has been some evolution. From Google to Microsoft, Apple to Facebook, everyone is now interested in artificial intelligence.

In addition to the impact on everyday life, AI can go as far as changing the boundaries between man and machine, and automation is likely to destroy more jobs than it creates. It risks creating a two-tier labour market, where there is a minority of highly skilled jobs for an over-graduated elite and a majority of precarious workers whose skills will not pay them enough to live.

Since the birth of AI, there have been improvements. The most important was in 1997, when the worldwide champion of chess Garry Kasparov was beaten by a computer developed by the British company Deep Blue. Then more advanced programs were created by DeepMind in London. These computer programs were able to play the board game Go and beat the worldwide champion.

However, in the meantime some experts warn us about the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, such as Elon Musk from Tesla, as shown in the video below:

Musk fears that:

-This intelligence could become conscious

-AI could be possessed by an ill-intentioned person (or a group)

-This intelligence becomes uncontrollable by humans

This vision might seem pessimistic, however, it rests on a logic that it is difficult to contest even if others like Mark Zuckerberg are more optimistic about the subject.

In fact, Artificial Intelligence is as terrifying as it is fascinating, just take a look at the video below and see for yourself!