Artificial Intelligence's new EP 'The Series: Season 1' premiers on Integral Records

Drum and Bass | Monday 24th September 2018 | Tom

North London duo Zula Warner and Glenn Herweijer aka Artificial Intelligence have resided in the upper echelons of the Drum and Bass hierarchy since their debut solo release on V Recordings “Hooked on” way back in 2003.

Usually preferring to operate on the darker side of the spectrum, Artificial Intelligence have certainly let their music do the talking for them over the last 15 years. With releases on labels such as Full Cycle, Commercial Suicide, Good Looking, CIA and of course the mighty Metalheadz along the way, there is absolutely no doubting this duo’s longstanding drum and bass pedigree.

Artificial Intelligence’s latest excursion into sonic beauty comes in the form of “The Series: Season 1 EP” on their Integral imprint which was established back in 2007.

From the moment the mellow chords of opener “Degrees Of Separation” hit you know this is going to be another quality release from the duo. “Missing Piece” gently raises the pace with its melodic vocals and additional urgency with its drums. “Tannan” takes a darker route with industrial atmospherics giving way to a deep rolling bass line and distinctly compact drum sequence. Finally the rich piano scores of “Street Scenes” finish the journey on a soulful and euphorically uplifting note.

In conclusion “The Series: Season 1 EP” is definitely a release that will be occupying the front of most DnB fan’s record bags for some time and marks the beginning of a potentially exciting series of releases for the label. Only time will tell what Season 2 will bring, but from the sounds of things here it will in all likelihood be something even tastier.

You can order 'The Series: Season 1 EP' here from the Integral Records online store

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