If you like Amy Winehouse you will love Charlotte Cardin

Other | Thursday 3rd May 2018 | Yasmine

Charlotte Cardin is a young Quebec artist. She has already won the hearts of the French and deserves to have greater recognition on the European and even international music scene. Her jazzy and slightly folk electro-pop melodies, with soulful accents, already testify of a great maturity and a powerful vocal presence.

After participating in The Voice, Cardin went on to release her first EP Big Boy in 2016, composed purely of Cardin's impeccable and sensual voice. The EP offers six songs that explore love and relationships.

In 2017, Cardin released her second EP, Main Girl, where she tells us about her musical journey. Whilst exploring themes of desire, longing, dysfunction, and intimacy simultaneously. Reminiscent of an Amy Winehouse sound, Cardin takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions with each track. Whether the song is written or interpreted in English or French the emotion and authenticity outlined in each single make her an artist in her own right. 

Cardin continues to shine with her latest track 'California', check it out below: