K Koke drops video for deep track ‘Letter’

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 6th April 2018 | Jake

K Koke is one of the most respected emcees’s in the British rap scene, he’s lived through it all - the struggle of early road rap, the boom that came with the first wave of grime and road rap's ascent to the mainstream (i.e. Giggs and Skepta) and he’s stuck around for grime and road rap’s resurgence.

However, Koke is playing catch up, a spell in prison meant he hasn’t been able to enjoy the immense revival of rap in Britain as much as he could have. But such is the status of Koke in the British scene, and the zeal of his ultra-loyal fan base, that there is mounting anticipation for his first project out of prison: FFF (Fighting For Freedom).

‘Letter’ takes us into the artist’s mindset and reveals the struggle Koke has fought in one of the most difficult periods of his life.