Saytek joins Constant Circles with an EP of quality techno

House | Tuesday 27th March 2018 |

Known for playing charismatic live sets using mainly hardware equipment, Saytek is an accomplished artist who along with regular club bookings has built up an impressive back catalogue of releases. His music has even been acknowledged by techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson who has signed tracks to his label KMS Records.

Saytek’s latest release has been his artist debut on Just Her’s label Constant Circles, which breaks away from the labels usual sound and showcases the imprints dynamic approach when it comes to signing new music.

Opening the release with 'Circuit 3 am' each of the tracks are a live jam performed by skilled hands. Melody rich synths, vocal stabs and simple four to the floor groove start things off conservatively, but leading into the second track 'Macros', it gets a lot more frantic.

Unpredictable with a tense atmosphere, Marcos is dark and in your face with building effects and abrasive claps that build to a crescendo with ominous pads layered under intense white noise.

The first two tracks are different halves of the same live session, and could also be played together seamlessly as one piece of music, but the last track 'Session 1' is self-contained and much harder. Hypnotic and up-tempo, the whole release falls under the techno header, but the last track is an undeniable epitome of the genre.

The release is available now from Beatport.