Canson's new desert themed EP on Sol Selectas is exquisite

House | Tuesday 27th March 2018 |

Canson is a Swiss artist who first broke onto the scene as one half of the Anatol duo, but in more recent years has been a solo artist linked to labels like KATERMUKKE, and his latest outing is on Sol Selectas.

The two original tracks from Canson are both downtempo cuts of eloquent house music. Everything down to the design of the artwork has a delicate touch, and there is something very classy about the overall vibe.

'Humming Dunes' is quite distinct with bending samples and Arabic flutes that all blend into each other with a wash of delay and other effects, and 'Kolumbus' is quite hypnotic with a rapturously spellbinding atmosphere.

Also on the release is a sole rework by Ninze who turns 'Kolumbus' into a magical journey of enlightenment with deeply sensual pads, and if we had to pick just one track from the release it would be a hard choice, but the Ninze remix is probably the one for us.

You can pick up a copy of the release HERE