As #passportgate rages, the Sun is mysteriously quiet

Friday 23rd March 2018 | Jake

Following the news that the first post-Brexit passports will be made by the Franco-Dutch company Gemalto company, Brexiteers were furious, newspapers such as the Daily Mail were spitting feathers and demanding MPs rectify this miscarriage of justice.

One right-wing newspaper, peculiarly, was comparatively mute on the topic. The Sun, champions of the Brexit movement, went for an exclusive report on pilots playing on their phones whilst in the air, only acknowledging the decision to print British passports in France on page 10.

Could their unwillingness to comment melodramatically on the ordeal have anything to do with the fact that they are the newspaper that campaigned so vigorously, for 17 months no less, to replace the current burgundy passport with the idyllic blue ones?

The Sun now suggests, tucked away on page 10, that the money we get from the passport manufacturing deal with Gemalto can go towards the NHS, a similar crass statement to the now infamous vote leave slogan (long since dispelled as an outright lie) plastered on the side of a bus.

It appears that while the newspaper is more than ready to burst into a song of self-praise when a confused campaign succeeds, a mere whimper will do when that campaign is shown up as a misguided one.