Noteworthy is a Special open mic session in Hackney

Other | Thursday 22nd March 2018 | Tania

Noteworthy has held various open mics over the years every Sunday right here in London. As they can confirm themselves, they are a rare breed of regular open mic nights. 

This Sunday you have another opportunity to experience one of Noteworthy’s special showcases. It's gonna be a big night because on Sunday there will be a performance from a special guest coming straight from Amsterdam.

Discover the good vibes and nice music at Noteworthy ’s open mic session held on March 25th.

Head over to Hackney for a taste of the thrill expressed in the artist’s music. All of the gifted people that are going to perform come over to share powerful moments with the public.

Be a part of this thrill ride starting at 6:30 pm with ZEALS performing for the Coffee House pre-show. Followed by the talented Ralph Taylor at 7:30 pm, this show should be an amazing experience for your ears.

There will be jamming and showcases. All genres are welcome, as long as it spreads good vibes. That’s what life is all about, sharing enjoyable moments with people from multiple horizons.