The Fratellis are back!

Indie | Saturday 17th March 2018 | Jasmine

The Fratellis are reunited with Tony Hoffer, producer of their ever-so-classic debut album, Costello Music and their sound is rejuvenated for their fifth album, In Your Own Sweet Time.
In Your Own Sweet Time marks a development into an electrifyingly chameleonic new phase, tangled with a bigger, bolder sound yet still characterised with the band's sense of humour. Whilst showcasing smart lyrical skills and polished rhythms, their matured sound still obtains a youthful innocence injected with harmless lust.

The Glaswegian trio haven’t lost their mischievous trace and have produced an album that is going to be a hit with fans. With an ambitious blend of Prince influences and a cascade of addictive riffs, The Fratellis produce a gimmick-free album with beautiful imagery precariously piled on top. The album shows how playful the band can be but once the surface is penetrated, In Your Own Sweet Time also shows off the ambitious side of the group with clever lyricism. 
Boasting all the energy of American pop combined with the testosterone-fuelled flair of the best in British rock, In Your Own Sweet Time is a shot of pure pleasure.