Playboi Carti rocks the Forum with electric performance!

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 26th February 2018 | Jake

Atlanta native Playboi Carti showcased his reputation for exuberant behaviour with an energetic and somewhat maverick display at the Kentish Town forum on Sunday night.

A wave of the milly-rock dance – a dance Carti helped popularise – took hold of the crowd during Carti’s performance of ‘Magnolia’, the anthemic breakout single from his eponymous mixtape. The line “in New York I milly-rock, hide it in my sock” was belted out by the crowd with particular vigour. It was expected to be the pièce de résistance of this show, the tune that everyone knew, and what a fair number of people had bought their ticket solely to hear. However, a deeper cut from the mixtape received all of Carti’s showmanship, dizzying the crowd with a belting rendition of ‘Yah mean’ a comparatively laid-back song to his other hits.

Around halfway through the show Carti decided to do some gymnastics, jumping onto some stairs to the right of the stage, ascending to the seated area that looms over the standing pit below. He then proceeded to climb onto the railings, perch himself about ten feet above the baying crowd below and from there orchestrated a number of mosh pits to the soundtrack of some of his more hard-hitting numbers. Numerous health and safety regulations were wilfully ignored.

Carti then made a beeline through the crowd and ended up atop the audio and visual control deck in the centre of the standing area. It was here that ‘Yah Mean’ was played, along with the final few songs of his set.

You can say what you want about lyrical inferiority to other rappers (Carti has received flack for his lyricism focusing heavily on money and drugs), but there’s no denying this new breed of rap star can whip up a frenzy at their shows.