Solange Knowles 'Don't Touch My Hair' is an ode to afro hair

RnB/Hip Hop | Thursday 22nd February 2018 | Gassy

Two years after its release 'Don't Touch My Hair' is a song that still comes to mind for black women everywhere who have ever had to deal with unwanted hands in their hair.

Solange talked about her hair back in 2016, saying "incredibly spiritual, and, energetically, it really encompasses and expresses who we are. The song is as much as what it feels like to have your whole identity challenged on a daily basis, although physically touching the hair is extremely problematic!" 

Recently we have seen different movements such as feminism, LGBT community and now the Black Lives Matter movement fight to get their voices heard, in their fight for equality. Like these groups, this song speaks up for a group that is not always seen in popular culture. 'Don't Touch My Hair' underlines this need to protect black women's unique identity and roots. Throughout the video, you can see afro/natural hairstyles across the centuries and this is all the more powerful as it tells the history of the evolution of black culture.

Listen to this amazing tune below: