Joe Pilgrim & The Ligerians drop some knowledge in new song!

Reggae | Thursday 22nd February 2018 | Gassy

Joe Pilgrim and The Ligerians bring us a new and unforgettable tune 'Use Your Time'.

Joe Pilgrim is a French Beninese artist who started his career singing gospel, it is only when he crossed the path of The Ligerians that Pilgrim became more versatile. Ranging from one range to the other and finally as we know him today, a highly respected reggae artist. 

The band's new track 'Use Your Time' is a song with a message, it speaks of equality, human's rights, immigration and other issues in our world. But it especially touches on how we can use our time more effectively to make the world a better place and that is why this song with its peaceful yet powerful message is a gem.

'Use Your Time' and listen to every word of this song and feel inspired: