Fieh brings soulful pop from Norway

Indie | Friday 9th February 2018 | Hanna

Ever heard Norwegian soul? Listen to Fieh’s new single and you will have.

25 dropped today, and it's a must-hear. The funky pop-track with the soft vocals of Sofie Tollefsbøl might just be enough to warm you up in this dreadful February gloom.

Their previous single 'Glu' tastes equally of sunshine and better days to come. It was released in October last year and has caused quite the hype around the band in the Norwegian music industry. See the music video below:

The band will be performing at the Lexington on the 22nd of February, and it will be a true smorgasbord of Scandinavian talent. With Lake Jons from Helsinki, Finland and Holy Now from Gothenburg, Sweden there will be an abundance of Nordic musical promise represented. Tickets for the gig can be found here.