Point Sole drops fantastic new release on Metro Dance Records

House | Wednesday 17th January 2018 |

Spanish label Metro Dance Records recently dropped a new EP from Point Sole who’s previously put out music on imprints such as Suara, Solar Distance, Sincopat, Constant Circles and Roush.

Fans of Point Sole will already be familiar with his melodic sound and this new release showcased the more quirky sound of his style, with one of the original track’s 'Don’t Touch The Hole' having a very distinctive sound that more than lives up to its tongue in cheek title.

'Don’t Touch The Hole' is propelled by its dancefloor focused acid bassline, and has a very contrasting, almost disco synth as it’s prominent sound, which is layered over the vocal that gives the track it’s title. On paper, it might sound hard to imagine, but this track is a perfectly executed masterpiece that needs to be heard.

The lead track from the release is 'Space Odissey' which like its title suggests is a cosmic journey of epic proportions, and also features a stunning remix from Luna City Express’ producer Norman Weber who puts his own stamp on things with the addition of a Rhodes piano and an arpeggiated bassline.

Combined the three tracks on the EP make for a very interesting listen, and you can pick up a copy of the release HERE.