The band that never fails to impress, Gogol Bordello kill it live!

Indie | Wednesday 20th December 2017 | Grace

Coming on with as much energy as a hamster in a power plant and wearing their best jazzy outfits to boot, Gogol Bordello playing live in the famous Brixton Academy last Thursday has got to have been one of the best gigs of the year.

With their massive eight members, the band consists of a plethora of instrumentalists from accordionists to violinists, each member successfully did their individual stuff on stage whilst managing to create a collective performance that wowed the crowd.

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The self-named "gypsy punk" band had the audience mesmerized from the minute they stepped on stage. Throughout the whole gig, they had the entire room dancing and throwing their fists in the air as they sung along to the upbeat and rhythmic songs from their latest album Seekers and Finders, to their most popular track, 'Start Wearing Purple.' The gig itself lasted an almighty 2 hours and highlights included lead singer, Eugine Hutz, standing on a percussion drum that had been thrown into the crowd, as well as the highly energetic encore that was prompted after much chanting and whooping for them to come back on stage and perform some more.

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For those that unfortunately missed one of the funkiest gigs of the year last week, Gogol Bordello are still touring some parts of the UK and Europe before heading off to their home (although most members hail from other parts of the world) of North America. So there is still a chance to catch them in their wonderful music glory.