Fashion pays its tribute to ‘The King of Cling’

Other | Tuesday 21st November 2017 | Geri

The reactions of Azzedine Alaia’s passing over the weekend showed just how much he was loved- both inside the industry and outside.

Known for his compassion and unrelenting vision the creative genius was celebrated by the likes of Rhianna, Naomi Campbell and endless designers. As well as the newly appointed Editor-in-chief of British Vogue Edward Enniful for his genius and unwillingness to compromise- that in the 1980s changed the fashion world forever when he debuted his first ready-to-wear collection.


The fashion world may be known for its harshness and hostility but Alaia was one of the nice ones.

Forming one of the strongest bonds with Naomi Campbell who cities him as a father figure, after he was one of the first designers to take her under his wing at the age of 16. She even had her own room in his Paris home. Speaking to The Independent in 1998 Campbell recalls the time when she first met Alaia: "It was my first day working in Paris and somebody had stolen all my money. I didn't know anyone in the city and didn't know how I was going to eat."

His legacy – the bodycon and celebration of the female form shaped the fashion world and this timeless contribution will hopefully live on forever.

Here are some of the tributes made to a man whose impact on fashion cannot be measured:

Designer  Riccardo Tisci - “One of my biggest inspirations! The one who never followed anybody in the fashion world but followed by everybody! The special and loving friend! I will always love and respect you! And celebrate you the way you taught me... I will miss you.” 

Rhianna - "My dear Alaia... you will live on forever."

Critic and journalist Angelo Flaccavento - “Do things your own way, or do not dot them all: this, for me, sums up Azzedine.