Elrow takes 'Halloween House' to another level!

House | Wednesday 15th November 2017 | Patience

Whatever your thoughts on the Elrow brand, the one thing we can all agree on is that this team certainly know how to throw a party.
Those of us familiar with the award-winning immersive dance event will know exactly what to expect, impeccable attention to detail, elaborate decoration, characters on stilts, dancers on stage, lots of other fun things flying around, coupled with fist-pumping beats. This type of event merged with the biggest fancy dress holiday of the year, could only ever equal a recipe for success.
I've heard it said that Elrow doesn't work outside of the sunshine, away from the Barcelona headquarters and the highly commended Ibiza and Madrid residencies. I'm not sure I totally agree, especially as last year's Halloween Warehouse Project in Manchester, sold out in under 15 minutes - the Glasgow event in March sold out in just two! So this year's Halloween event making its Edinburgh debut and advertised as their 'biggest ever indoor festival' meant that expectations were extremely high.
On paper, the Elrow Halloween Haunted house in Edinburgh sounds perfect and I wasn't disappointed. Eleven DJs played to a great crowd, who had all taken the Halloween theme very seriously. As always, the attention to detail, decoration and all the added extra's that make an Elrow party were all there.
Despite all this, I did feel at times that there was something lacking with the venue, for a festival size event in an exhibition centre, I just feel like a bit more could have been done with the space. Aside from that, the event was very well organised - enough bar staff, shuttle buses to the venue and a great running theme throughout. Some of the DJs even played 'Halloween House' (a new term I'm coining).
At first glance the line up didn't thrill me, but that all depends on what you are into really. With that said, the DJ selection worked well and there were no major complaints with any of the sets. Elrow’s resident lynchpin, Toni Varga's b2b set with Santé was definitely a highlight. Marc Maya, Eddy M, Alex Potts and Ion Pananides all stood out for me and definitely kept the vibes going throughout. I would always recommend Elrow. It's a bucket list type of event. I wouldn't say Edinburgh was the best one I had ever been to, but I can't think of any other way I would rather spend my Halloween weekend at...and if you missed it, you certainly missed out.

Words by Trina John-Charles