MGMT make their comeback with new single and music video - ‘Little Dark Age’

Indie | Friday 3rd November 2017 | Alice

With 4 whole years since their last release, MGMT are finally back with an electric new single, ‘Little Dark Age’, accompanied by another fantastically weird music video, and news of a new album.

With an instantly recognisable new-wave influence, there’s a distinctly more driving, pulsating electronic sound to this new single, moving away from the band’s earlier technicolour psychedelic style.

Singer Andrew VanWyngarden’s monotone vocals adhere to the synth-pop sound of the 80s that shows an unexpected but intriguing new direction for the band, whose debut album Oracular Spectacular came out an incredible 10 years ago now.

The video, directed by Nathaniel Axel and David MacNutt, shows a further move towards darker and somewhat gothic influences, whilst still remaining as strange and surreal as MGMT’s music videos have always been known to be.

VanWyngarden appears in Robert Smith-esque style, with backcombed hair and heavy eyeliner, while the camera cuts between a figure clad head to toe in a black sheet, smoking in the garden of a dilapidated mansion, and avant-garde shots of fruit being chopped and eaten. Meanwhile, a guest appearance from Connan Mockasin leads an enigmatic narrative that somehow suggests some type of murder mystery within an eighteenth-century setting.

Having returned with the premiere of this song on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show, the band also revealed that a new album is in the works, which will have the same name as the new single. Although they gave no indication of a release date, the polished complete form of this single makes us hopeful that their upcoming LP will be with us in 2018.