There is something fishy (or dolphiny) about the Thames today!

Tuesday 31st October 2017 | Grace

London locals have sworn that they have spotted a dolphin enjoying itself around the River Thames. Or maybe it was just a giant fish dressed up for Halloween.

Footage was taken on the 30th October of a dorsal fin majestically bobbing around the river and has been seen from Limehouse to Putney. Although claiming it could be a river porpoise, the RSPCA are said to be keeping an eye on the creature to ensure its safety.

This is not the first time a dolphin has been spotted in the capitals famous river and it isn’t even the first sea creature to find itself here.

Back in 2006, a whale was famously seen swimming past the houses of parliament after becoming disorientated during a change of tide, the bones of which are now sadly displayed at the office of The Guardian newspaper. Even a few weeks ago there were reports of a crocodile hanging about near Battersea (although this turned out to be a pond ornament).  

Image result for dolphin on the thames

So if you spot something lurking in the water of the river Thames, try not to get too close, because this time, it might just be a monster from the deep.