What is the deep web?

Tuesday 17th October 2017 | Kiera Martin

We’ve all heard of the horrors of the deep web. Counterfeit currency, drugs, forged papers, firearms, hitmen and even human organs but what really is the deep web and how are people accessing it?

The deep web is essentially an anonymous browser. One of the better-known pieces of software to access the deep web is Tor, which hides a page’s request origin and means that users are able to surf the deep web without being traced by authorities.

This software is easily downloaded from search engines and in addition to an anonymous browser, the deep web has a secret search engine. This allows users to search the deep web – as easily as you would search Google – for illegal wares across a whole range of sites.

Surface web is the name given to the tiny 0.03% of the web accessible in everyday search engines. This shows the contrast between the colossal amount of hidden information on the deep web and what we know.

Now, up and coming technology and software is only allowing easier access to the deep web. Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin provides a relatively protected way to pay for illegal goods and services across the deep web.

Whilst many of you will never dabble in the deep web :) but the ease of access and amount of hidden information is quite unbelievable.