Add a little Alternative Apparel to your ethical wish list

Other | Thursday 5th October 2017 | Claudia

Ethical fashion isn't just a trendy item of clothing anymore. It is fast becoming a necessity for consumers. With conscious brands emerging everyday, eco-friendly fashion is now available to the demanding masses.

However, I know what you may be thinking, well there has to be a hefty price tag with all that upcycling right?

Wrong. Unfortunately I'm not quite talking Primarni sort of prices, but very reasonably priced fashion that embraces a 'less is better' mindset. Introducing Alternative Apparel, a brand that creates clothing items that won't tear after a long stretch or rip because of a fatal sneeze, but will be super durable, high quality pieces of clothing.

Alternative Apparel sell everything from tees, activewear, leggings, sports bras and showers tank tops. If tank tops aren't your thing then maybe short shorts are the way to go.

Alternative Apparel's ethos is all to do with creating ethically sourced fashion that the average joe would snap up in an instant.

Their connection with Fashion Revolution, a global movement calling for greater transparency, increased sustainability, and stricter ethical standards in the fashion industry, all the way from farmer to consumer, is why Alternative Apparel are in the business of selling durable and environmentally friendly clothing.

Their focus is on remaining socially responsible as possible and to be absolutely clear with their customers on how, where and who make their clothes. Alternative Apparel actively invites customers to learn more about the lives of the workers and to understand the whole process that goes into producing their ethically sound garments.

With employees from the Dominican Republic to China and Egypt, valuing workers rights and promoting practically produced environmentally friendly garments across the entire planet is what they are all about.

From the safe, clean workplace conditions their employees enjoy all the way to the stylish and most importantly sustainable clothing in your wardrobe, Alternative Apparel are a win-win! You can be stylish with a clear conscious and if the uncertainty still dwells on your mind please do not fear, all of their factories are WRAP-certified.

Additionally, they require all their vendors to adhere to the Fair Labor Association guidelines & Workplace Code of Conduct.

So why not add an alternative to your shopping basket today!