Max Chapman talks Hot Creations, touring and how he'll change the world

House | Tuesday 19th September 2017 | Arren

Max Chapman is top of his game right now.

The Essex born, London based house producer and DJ has had a wild 2017. He's currently sitting at Beatport's overall number 1 spot, recently landed back from a small stint on the US' West Coast, and finished up his biggest summer to date that included an Ibiza resiedence and countless slots at some of the biggest festivals on the circuit.

His rapid rise to fame is no coincidence, he's worked relentlessly hard over the last few years and be consistently releasing massive dance floor tracks and been supporting upcoming talents through his own imprint, Resonance. We managed to catch him for a quick chat about what's happening in the busy manic world of Max Chapman.

What was your first through this morning?

What did you decide on?
A veggie fry up.

Nice, are you a vegetarian?
Yeah, have been for about three years now. I don't like the meat industry, the cruelty and shit.

What's got you motivated right now?
Probably just the way things are going so well at the moment. Getting the number one spot [on Beatport's overall chart] and stuff, it's just making me push more and more.

You've come out of probably you're biggest summer yet, what was your wildest party?
It's gotta be elrow at Amnesia, that was pretty amazing. Second to that would be Parklife, I played the mainstage. That was big one for sure!

Have you played at many elrows before?
Yeah, elrow news years day, elrow at Sonar.

You've also recently just got back from the US, did you get caught up with Irma at all?
Nah, I was on the West Coast luckily.

What did you get up to while you were there?
First stop was San Deigo which was a wicked party, then I went over to Santa Barbara where I played with Second City.

We saw that you're heading down under later on this year, catching a bit more sun!
Yeah a bit more sun. I've got Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and then over to New Zealand for a show in Queenstown.

You've been resident in Ibiza as well this summer, when you're playing where do you like to party?
To be honest I have not been there to be able to do that. Every single time I've been over there this summer, I flown there one day, back out the next. Last month I think I had about 22 flights!

You need a holiday!
Well I'm actually heading off soon, travelling California in HGV with five mates.

You're currently top spot on Beatport with your release 'La Fiesta' on Hot Creations. How's it been working with them?
Hot Creations has always been the one I've wanted to release on, because Jamie Jones was just massive when I first got into the scene. Whenever you start out, whoever is big at the time will always, in your heart, be one of your idols. Not only that but it's also a massive label. When I got that I was absolutely over the moon. I will be attempting a following up EP but I can't promise that'll it be any time soon. I must have sent Jamie about 100 tracks before 'Le Fiesta', so it could be some while till I get another one.

You've spoke about music piracy being an issue with your Resonance label in a previous interview, how does that affect things?
Well, now we're using this company and they delete all the leaked tracks off the internet. At the moment all our latest releases are no where to be seen online. You can really tell the difference because we're charting a lot more.

Nice, I see that would make a difference because I was gonna ask what your biggest issue is with piracy...
There's people with YouTube channels who go out and buy the track, and for some reason they just put it up there for everyone else to grab for free. I just don't know why they need to do it. It needs to stop man because it's not on. There needs to be fines and stuff, there obviously is but nothing ever happens. It would be great if they did enforce some sort of discipline on it.

If you could tackle it, how would you go about it?
I'd do it so that whoever uploaded the track to the site would be fined say £50 a time. You can see who's uploaded them, you'd be able to trace them.

Where would you prefer people to get your music?
Well, at the moment Beatport is the main site. But if I'm really honest, even though I'm currently number 1, I think it's time for a change to a different platform. I know that you can buy support on it, like the features and it makes it a bit unfair on people that have got great music. Their tunes can get lost, there's some tunes out there that I've heard before that are so old and when I come across them I think they're like top 10 tracks!

Do you do anything from Resonance on vinyl?
Nah, we're not doing vinyl. Just too much money and nine times out of ten you don't sell them all. If the label got bigger and we knew that we could sell say 250 copies maybe.

You've been on the road a lot, where's the craziest place you've DJ'ed?
My favourite place was BPM in Mexico, but obviously it's not happening any more.

BPM Festival in Mexico was insane but was forced to end it's time in the country after a tragic event at their 2017 edition.

Who's the funniest person you know?
I reckon it's probably Frankie Boyle, but he's dark as fuck.

If you had a superpower what would that be?
Being invisible would sick I suppose.

What would you do to change the world?
I would completely wipe out anything that'll cause pollution. I'd like everything to be green and peaceful. Cos if there's no oil there's no war. And no meat either, but that's the main pollution, the meat industry.

If you could fill a swimming pool, what would that be?
Oreo shake!

Bag yourself a copy of the latest Max Chapman tune on Hot Creations, 'La Fiesta'.

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