From Indie to Funk: Childhood are Back!

Indie | Friday 11th August 2017 | Rachel

As always, Childhood know how to saturate their tracks in a spaced out, clean cut radiance. With their 8th studio album being released, Universal High is their brightest attempt to date and is a valuable example of how a band can evolve and flourish within a matter of years.

Flooding with endorphins, Universal High projects exactly what it says on the tin: old school, nostalgic, feel-good vibes surge through on through.

South London lad, writer, vocalist and life blood of Childhood Ben Romans-Hopcraft still exudes the ice-cold ambience with that little bit of edge every frontman would die for. Ben brings the bold attitude and heart to Childhoods sound, as well as expelling silky, falsetto vocals that tend to the psychedelic rock.

Never too far from funk with its 80’s electric synth, yet still strongly receding in a rock strong outfit full of guitar heavy moments, Childhood like to see-saw in and around genres with great balance. This is a representation of how Childhood have grown up as a band; sprouting up in 2014 with their indie heavy debut Lacuna, and now taking on a 70’s gleam of class, Universal High is a grooving step in the right direction.

Laid back and enticing is the production. Instrumental progression is never urgent or in your face, but still, grabs attention with the flitching basslines and easy rising progression throughout tracks. ‘Cameo’ is by far the best example of this as the stand out track: The assembly is elegant, slowly bubbling over, and climaxing with an impactful, filling finish.

‘Californian Light’ also grabs us, seeping onto the playlist with lively beats and a video to inspire a lot of dancing.

The tone flows happily throughout the album and resides in pure positivity. Never does Universal High spread to the darker edges of Romans-Hopcrafts psyche, instead always painting life in a rosy tint.

This album is by far Childhoods best; the group have grown together, becoming carefree but never unruly in taste. This is the album for being soulful, easy and good, a funky pick me up. Smooth, groove, rock & roll at its finest.