How to get to First Base the ethical way!

Other | Monday 31st July 2017 | Claudia

Ethical fashion with a sexy twist.You may think of ethical fashion as boring hand woven materials made into frumpy oversized sweaters, but a new clothing line has put a spin on the whole reusing, reducing recycling scheme.

With a provocative name like First Base, even the raunchiest of us might be inclined to blush, and don't worry this line of sportswear does not disappoint. You may just get lucky and find yourself in third and fourth base territory with their latest collection.

The creator and designer behind the brand, Alison Cotton came up with this innovative clothing line to embody the Bondi Beach culture that's known for its seductive beach and healthy lifestyle.

Alison Cotton incorporated her passion for sports and beach wear and made an ethical brand to suit everyone and anyone.   

 The whole mantra that the brand follows is straight forward. They endorse yoga brunch lovers & messy buns. Places to be, people to see, First Base makes those occasions an easy process.

No more hair pulling days scuffling through an abyss of clothing, First Base provides sexy comfortable clothing at an affordable price. So it's no mystery as to why her sports wear is so bang on trend this summer.

"I've worked in fashion for a long time and I wanted to work on a product that really resonated with me,”  Alison explains. The designer prides herself on producing quality sportswear that women/girls can relate to, and she's done it in style! Yass girl slay.   

However, the thought process behind the name of the brand wasn't as "pervy" as the name first comes across, Alison reveals that "When I started the brand I was at a bit of crossroads in life and felt like I was going back to First Base in many ways…. plus I loved the hook of the name – that it was a bit pervy." 

This tongue and cheek attitude really transcends through her modern fashionable activewear range. From Kim K hip hugging leggings to eye popping spots bras, First base has a style to suit you.   

Asked about how First Base initially began, Alison explains that, "It was a pretty organic process. I’ve worked in fashion for a long time and I wanted to work on a product that really resonated with me.”

 “Given how fashion has a bad name when it comes to the unethical treatment of workers, I am surprised that transparency is still not on a lot of brands’ radars. But in the same breath, it is awesome seeing so many brands making positive changes. It really boils down to being a decent human and not exploiting a less affluent community.”

Just as expected First base doesn't just say, they do! And it's all done with a cheeky wink and smile. Effortless fashion that tackles social problems, hmm me thinks we're onto a winner guys.

Check out their detailed list on their website of what really earns them the title of sustainable clothing. Examples include biodegradable and recyclable packaging, to repurposed and organic fabrics.

Go on have a peek at the First Base range, you know you want to.

To add the cherry on the icing, the First Base is also ethically-minded which basically means that the factories First Base works with have to be independently audited by a third party to ensure they are WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) compliant.

For First Base it's not only about the standard of clothing it's also about the standard of wage that goes towards the hard working makers of this brand. Ensuring all of the company's  workers are paid a fair wage and provided with humane working conditions is a priority above all, and of course producing ethical clothing so pop your First Base cherry and take a plunge.

Show your support guys and visit the website here.