We catch up with The Shimmer Band during IOWF 2017

Indie | Sunday 23rd July 2017 | Alice

The Shimmer Band burst onto the scene with their angelic psychedelic rock songs. In the space of three years, the band have gone from strength to strength describing their music as "explosive, amphemic and euphoric." 

"We went to school together so have known each other for a while. We were all into the same music so we decided to start a band. It was pretty natural."

Who have you enjoyed working with?

We did a couple of remixes with Jagzkooner who is a great producer and mixer and has done loads of Kasabian and Oasis remixes. We were avid listeners of him before we were lucky enough to work with him. Ultimately Big fans. He came to our London show and checked us out and he’s an electro rock wizard.

The boys have seen success in supporting Stereophonics at Cardiff Stadium, something that is surely only the beginning. 

"For a band like us you don’t really know how to prepare yourself for that. We guessed we would play at a huge stadium and it turned out to be insane."

With influences including Primal Scream and Free Animals, the band explains,"We are big fans of creation records, so all the bands on that label make what we are and like to be."

With huge focuses on preserving the industries best venues and many bands feeling confident to talk politics, I was intrigued to see what excites the group about the music industry at the moment?

"There is loads of great bands and there's no better proof of that than This Feeling which proves there are hundreds of great bands out there, you just have to look."

"There's a lot of great venues for bands who are starting out in Bristol and haven’t moved to the next step. The community spirit stops it from being broken down. It's a lot more dance orientated and urban but I guess that works well in our favour."

So what are your hopes for the rest of 2017 and beginning of 2018?

Continue what we are doing and putting out the music that we are making. Just gain some more fans and play some bigger stages. Our biggest tour is coming up in October with some of the bands that played IOWF. We are really looking forward to our show at the Electric Ballroom in London.

Not long after, the boys took to the stage, causing a stir in the crowd and it was clear from the crowd's reaction that they would receive open arms onto bigger stages including those on their upcoming tour in October.

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