Indie Track Of The Month: Sleep Drifter by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Indie | Wednesday 15th February 2017 | Rachel

The Australian bunch are a great gift to the music industry as they're grand examples of relentless and devoted music creators. 

KG&TLW have released a catalogue of psychedelic rock albums every year since their formation in 2012.  All while sprinkling a fresh life into each album and never once conceiving clones. The group has easily depicted their ability to experiment, via their significant difference in sound throughout their songs: from the chaotic ruckus of Gamma Knife to the sluggishness of Work This Time that feels like a sleep walking track. 

Sleep Drifter is a song that brilliantly characterises the state of rousing and falling from sleep.The track is the bands first single to be released this year. As well as being the second track to be delivered before the revelation of their 9th album Flying Microtonal Banana.The band released the single Nuclear Fusion back in 2016, a more agile addition as well as a teaser of what is to come of the future album. 

With uplifting opening guitar riffs, Sleep Drifter is gripping from the begining before erupting with its iconic surfer zeal. This track holds firmly onto the psychedelic tones witnessed throughout KG&TLW's prolific body of work, all while being grounded by solid rock solos and a constant hooking drum beat. 

Possibly the most notable aspect of the band is how vocalist Stu Mackenzie can implement his voice softly and subtly, to settle perfectly with the leisurely pace of the song. All while projecting charming lyricism, 'Drifting in and out of sleep is my favourite state to be, I can see you next to me. And it is lovely.'  

Finally, Sleep Drifter applys an interesting structure, the 4 minutes of leisure are broken up by a short pause before easing back into a complete finale of instrumental flair. 

The group share the same qualities held by Tame Impala, an apparent effotless talent to make the most relaxing beach music around.

King Gizzard & The lizard Wizard are set to release their album 'Flying Microtonal Banana' on the 24th Feb, as well as a tour continuing across Australia and America from the 19th March.