Touching base with Plastic Sister ahead of Berlin Berlin's birthday

Other | Thursday 6th July 2017 | Nicky

Plastic Sister is one of the performers playing at this month's 'Berlin Berlin: The Birthday', on Saturday, July the 15th, alongside Luke Harris, Beatrix Carlotta, Gregory Kara, Bliss Theadora, Kokaine Tyson, Ruby Bird and Syban at Egg Ldn.
Get ready to experience a night fuelled by isyphos in the Main Room with Daniel Miller (Mute Records),  Yetti  Meissner, Fidelity Kastrow and Jonty Skrufff on the Ground Floor. Steyoyoke Records will also be taking over with Nick Devon, Dahu, and MPathy will be making their debut.
On 'The Terrace',  you can connect with Rumpelkammer featuring Peter Schumann, Bo Irion plus the Egg London Residents Ireen  Amnes, Kyle E & Fidel. In the Loft the Homostash DJs celebrate with Tafkanik, Carly Fox,  Pavline and JVP.  Whilst in the Apothecary catch the Kuntskammer cabaret with Lewis G Burton, Kassandra Powell & Guests. 
Ahead of Plastic Sister's gig we chat to the plastic lady that's already making serious waves in the music scene.
Where are you from and are you based in London? 
I am from Surrey, now in London via Paris
What’s your favourite memory or experience of Berlin Berlin?
Going up the stairs with the other artists to perform on the balcony is such a buzz.
Tell us about your most memorable club experience?
I was dressed as a Moon Babe with a big plastic dome on my head and the club put me on the door, however, it was raining outside which caused condensation to form limiting my vision even further. Along with the rain running down the dome, it was like being in a shower. Ironically I remained perfectly dry otherwise!
How will you incorporate the Berlin style into your performance at the BB party at Egg Ldn?
BB's distinctive artwork has drawn me into the red, and black aesthetic, so it will be great for future costume ideas. 
Where do you get your ideas for your shows from?
Other artists like Marnie Scarlet, Beatrix Carlotta, Syban & Cynth Icorn are such a big part of my life. I see what they do then go to the opposite.
So which artists influenced when you first started?
I've always admired Miss Cairo and BoomBoom amongst many others.
What is your motto? 
Don’t be yourself, be your inner self. 

What message would you like to spread to other plastic sisters out there?

Never be shy about feeling different or odd; embrace those feelings and discover your own ways to let them shine. Demand to be treated at face value and treat others the same way.The danger lies not with us, but with those who hide behind the cloak of normality. 

We can tell from your Facebook posts that you are passionate about politics, why is politics so important to you?
Staying as true to London 'Dolly Pop' theory as possible, I have always been proudly and openly political. Modern life is plastic enough without being drawn down to that level of consciousness. 

Are you trying to create a movement out of the concept of a ‘dolly person’?

There are many complex variations of doll personas, but I strive to create a vulnerable, ‘sugar- coated’ innocence. Currently, there are countless mute sex companion varieties, to which I do NOT belong.

Plastic Sister has had countless numbers of one-to-one web chats, of an extremely personal nature, that have all been politely declined. Perhaps, if I hadn’t been so determined to maintain my virtue, I could have paid off my creditors. 

How would you describe your community? 

I form bonds easily with anyone who embraces the London Dolly Pop theory. As for a community... it is really a dusk to dawn Soho thing. Plastic Sister is like a geisha darting silently from one nightclub entrance to the next whilst dressed to the heavens. Blink and you will miss her.

Follow her in a nocturnal of mist of Guerlain Insolence. They seek her here, they seek her there Just what will Plastic Sister wear? Will it be rubber, will it be lace,  is she a vision of innocent grace? 

For people that have never seen your performance, what can they expect on the night?
A life-size big dolly but is she human... 

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