GIRLI, The Pink Rrriot Girl For The Indie Age

Indie | Tuesday 13th June 2017 |

GIRLI is “chaos - kind of an explosion of girl power and growing up in London and being young and a bit mad” according to the artist herself.

The 19-year-old, is a producer, singer, rapper, a mix of bubble-gum pop, rap, synth, electronic, dance, Charli, Taylor Swift, Rrrriot Girl and Lady Leshur, yet she is 100 per cent indie. Her whole persona embodies a big “f**k you” in a pink tracksuit to gender norms.

In “Girls Get Angry Too”, she raps, “What’s a girl? What’s a boy? Why are there gender section for toys?”, this lyrics alone portrays what GIRLI is all about, breaking down gender roles, being unapologetically, and female.

Many have compared her to a younger, flashier and grittier version of Brooke Candy, but GIRLI, is slowly but steadily creating her own characteristics, appealing to a London fanbase who’ve waited for someone, who’s not only representing them but is like them, to arrive.

Despite what you may expect GIRLI, fits right in the scene of the wicked children of indie, right alongside Rat Boy and Jamie T. 'Find My Friends' which is on her first EP Feel Ok, released on the 19th May, includes gritty solo guitar, heavy beats and her rapping over it, it's the exact opposite and yet so close to the previous track 'Feel Ok', a catchy poppy song, featuring Lethal Bizzle, nearly reminding us of some of the latest tracks on the Top 40. 

Her videos are a follow up of her fashion and persona, DIY bright pink pop, in your face, in GIRLI everything is interlinked and every aspect is a reflection of her life as a rebellious teenage Londoner, her reflection on social issues, and the 'brat/bitch' stigma she faces due to her being an outspoken female.

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