Hypnotic beats & Hazy melodies - 'Astral Palms' is sick!

House | Tuesday 6th June 2017 | Ben

Marcel Lune has built up a reputation for himself with his electrifying beats & intricate layering, which isn't a far cry from his new record, and fucking hell it's made for one mind-blowing LP!

Astral Palms is a big old album with twelve songs and Marcel is keen to take you on a journey. Each track is filled with composition and melodies, these two elements make the pillar of the record and essentially, is what drives it home. A long album can very easily become boring, and let’s be honest, crap.

However, Marcel is smart, with each track being structured differently, in particular, the funk vibes and groove baseline makes every track absolutely superb to listen to.

Standout tracks like ‘Pinnacles’ and ‘The Hope’  bring out Marcel’s talent for creating varied tracks that feel fresh and different, and are perfect for any dance floor. 

Astral palms is being released through the label Local Talk and is available on Beatport: here!