Gigantic Extinct Marine Reptile Discovered By Scientists!

Other | Wednesday 31st May 2017 | David

The Earth has existed for an incredible 4.543 billion years, although us humans have only been around for the last several hundred-thousand or so. We'll probably never know the full extent of what went down on our planet before we arrived, although the classification of a new species of marine animal at least gives us some extra insight. 

Called Luskhan itilensis, the fossilised remains of the creature were first unearthed in 2002, although only this month was it finally classified as an all new species rather than belonging to one which had already been discovered.

Rather than being classified as a dinosaur, the Luskhan itilensis was actually a member of the Pliosaurs family of reptiles, which are directly related to the modern turtle.

The creature was estimated to have been around 6.5 meters in length, making it around the size of a bus, so it would have been one incredible sight in its day. You can see an artist's impression of this long dead creature in the image above, and head over to Science Daily to learn more!